Lessons from the pivoters

Interesting stuff here by C Dixon as tweeted by Tim Ferriss.  It’s a piece all about the power of pivoting, and it’s Dixon’s point 2 - “The Bridge over the River Kwai” syndrome, that particularly resonates with me.

We made the decision at the beginning to be focused entirely on building a great product that is all about solving a very specific problem – a problem both Mark and I have had in the past in running our own businesses. At the start I (with a much more limited technical background than Mark) was concerned about how we would build it, what we would build it in, would it work with this or that. I found it very easy to be distracted by the technical issues. Mark on the other hand said he would rather than getting a product out there that works, is fun to use and really makes a difference. He made the suggestion that we make use of the myriad fantastic 3rd party software where it exists, in order to get it up there sooner, rather than try and create the “perfect” shining edifice technical solution that never gets released. Sage words it would appear – now backed up by Mr Dixon.

A final, fantastic thought from the comments fields on Dixon’s post - “How would you compete against yourself?” Whilst Mark and I are very clear on who our enemy is (see chapter 2 of Getting Real, Have an Enemy) and we are sure what we are building suitably ‘underdoes’ what the enemies are doing, I’m not sure that we’ve asked ourselves this question in enough detail. If this is as successful as we hope, we will immediately have immitators. What will they offer? How and where will they go to market? Food for thought as we finalise the screens, move to the build phase and begin to write the marketing sections of the site.

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